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If you've browsed most courses on the site I hope you've seen the blue "See n Similar Courses" button:

Clicking on it shows you a page full of sequences that start the same as the current course. Which is great for training! You can use the same jump set up and you have a page full of sequences to practice longer and/or harder sequences that build on one another.

More Like This

After I added four new box jump layouts it occurred to me that you might want a page of similar sequences for that layout. So I added the More Like This button to the title of each "Box" layout:

So if you click the button in the "Arc Left" title you'll see all the sequences starting out the same using the Arc Left layout!

Not only do you have a fast way to see all the similar traditional box sequences, now you can see the similar sequences for all 18 non-traditional box sequences! I hope this gives you even more ways to spice up your training!  See it in action!