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I've just updated AgilityCourses with a brand new feature I've wanted since I first dreamt up the web site: automatically drawing the best paths for the dog through a sequence to challenge handlers during training. To make it more helpful I also wrote software to animate them!

There were a number of reasons ...

Pretty Printing!

When I created this website I focused on making it work on mobile phones and tablets so you always had thousands of sequences right in your hand when you went to train. I also spent time making sure every page printed the sequences so they'd be readable.

Unfortunately the layout of the printed pages ...

I spent some time simplifying the website. I've always been attracted to simple, "clean" design in websites. When done well the solution to the problem the web site solves is clear and engaging to the site's users. This quote from Steve Jobs captures the challenges and pay off of simplifying:

Simple can be ...

I just added a cool new feature: every course you create is now "tagged" with the names of the skills used in that sequence.

Whether you use the Skills Course Designer or the DIY Designer for Box, DoubleBox or Star Box courses I'll figure out what skills are required to run that sequence when ...

Long time users of will notice the site has changed completely! It is now uses a Responsive Web Design. The screen layout will rearrange itself for small screens on phones all the way up to large monitor desktop screens. The layout uses a framework called Bootcards to provide a card based design like ...

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