Create Box Courses


A Box course/layout/sequence is a classic dog agility training tool. It can be used to train a wide range of skills including: forward sends, jump wraps, 270 degree turns, threadles, passing by obstacles, and back sides.


The jumps can be set at any distance between them. A starting point might be to set them up in a square that is 20 feet/6 meters on each side. There are many ways to change the handling challenges of this basic jump setup:

  • Increase/decrease the distance between jumps. Longer distances increase your dog's speed and changes their striding.
  • The box does not have to stay square! One side could be longer than the other.
  • Rotate jumps to change the dog's approach.
  • Read my blog post Backyard Mastery - Move It! for how how moving obstacles changes the challenges.