Generate Wall Numbers

Big, easy to read numbers to make setting up courses easier in your favorite place.

Hang sets in multiple colors to help set up courses with different zero locations or in different units (meters or feet).

Image showing three sets of ring numbers on a wall.

Photo of the center of an agility wall that is 60 feet long. The top (black on white) numbers are in feet measured from the center. The middle (red on white) numbers are in feet measured from the left corner of the ring. The bottom (white on red) numbers are in meters measured from the center.

This page generates two PDFs. One containing numbers starting at 0 and going up to 120 with numbers in the interval you select below and a second going from 0 to negative 120.

Choose your colors, the interval between numbers, and click the button to generate custom PDFs you can print, cut up, and tape to your walls.


The font in the PDFs may not match the font shown in your browser.